The Aml FinCrime Department of our company is responsible for implementing the measures to track, identify, locate and recover assets necessary to meet client’s debt obligation.


  • To effectively protect the property of the company.
  • Urgently collect from available sources the information about the property directly or indirectly owned by the client-debtor located in any territory of the country or abroad;
  • Submit the collected information to the relevant national institutions in order to implement all available legal measures for its seizure, confiscation and recovery;
  • Supporting relevant institutions to ensure an efficient and prompt procedure of assets recovery.


  • High speed and efficiency of debt collection activities;
  • High professional staff specialized in debt collection;
  • Low amount of non-recovered debts;
  • Work schedule – 24 hours a day
  • Access to the different open databases and sources of information;
  • Wide network of employees in capital and counties;
  • Prompt legal expertise;
  • Operational interaction and collaboration with relevant authorities;


The Aml FinCrime Department of our company reports directly to the Board of Directors of our Company and is responsible for the implementation of measures and procedures in the following areas:

- Counteraction and detection of the facts of fraud in relation to property and financial interests of the company;

- Development and implementation of an Early Warning System to help to identify high-risk clients at an early stage;

- Maintain a Special Register of debts and actions for the implementation of debts recovery measures;

- Carrying out collection of information in accordance with national legal acts necessary to initiate the procedure of the recovery of debts;

- Carrying out on-site inspections necessary to identify the property which could be used to recover the debts in the territory of country and abroad.

- Interaction with clients –debtors to ensure the voluntary payment of debts out of court procedure;

-To cooperate with other specialized companies and experts in order to recover the debts;

- Conducting of legal expertise of documents related to the initiation of court procedures for the seizure of assets;

- Assessment of the value of the property that can be used to repay the debt;

- Initiation of court and other proceedings aimed at the seizure and recovery of assets;

- Representing the legitimate interests of a creditor company in Law Enforcement Agencies and Courts during the debts recovery procedure;

- Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies and Court Bailiffs related with procedure of implementation of effective recovery of seized and confiscated assets;

- Technical and expert support of activities carried out by relevant bodies (LEA’s, Courts, and Bailiffs) during the procedure of recovery of debts;

-Organization of training of staff of the company and representatives of other institutions focused on prompt and effective recovery of debts.


Experts with many years of experience in the governmental agencies and private entities responsible for:

  • Investigation and prosecution of serious economic crimes;
  • Criminal and Financial intelligence;
  • Strategic and operational analysis;
  • Search and identification of immoveable, moveable and intangible assets in country and abroad;
  • Legal and economic expertise of criminal and civil cases related to recovery of damage and debts;
  • Assessment of the value of property;
  • Administration of property.


Aml FinCrime Department officers are ready for communication and cooperation 24/7 for clients –debtors who need to get additional consultation and advise concerning possibility to repay the debt;

Clients –debtors or related persons are strongly encouraged to promptly provide information on the fulfilment of obligations in the area of debt repayment at the request of an Aml FinCrime Department representative.

Contact phone number and e-mail:


Providing false or incorrect information about property to the Aml FinCrime Department officers can be used as a reason to initiate additional legal proceedings;

Support in hiding property or registering this property in other name in order to avoid recovery can be used as a reason to initiate additional legal proceedings;

Refusing to pay a debt voluntary and immediately can lead to:

-initiation of legal proceedings aimed at seizure and confiscation of the property;

-the need to pay off not only the full amount of the debt, but also additional legal costs in court and relevant institutions;